Blockman GO Mobile

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Every avid gamer knows: the more content is available the more interesting it is to play! And this is precisely what you can say about Blockman Go Mobile. If you are sick of standard skins and are not indifferent to your character’s appearance, you will definitely be thrilled with the number of customization options offered here!

So what will your avatar look like? And first of all, will it be a boy or a girl? Yes, this game features a different system of outfits depending on the gender and allowing you to choose from a great assortment of accessories to any taste. The game will also offer you suitable embellishments for the outfit you already have on. There are all kinds of styles to pick from – simple, cute, elegant, glamorous and downright crazy. You can try on clothes of various designs and dress your character up as you wish. This is a true discovery for gamers who want to stand out among the rest of the players.

But don’t think you’ll gain access to the entire wardrobe that easy! To become the owner of all those attributes giving you a vibrant personality, you’ll have to actively participate in various contests, go out on a fashion podium and gain points for you sense of style. The unique things you’ll gain access to in return are absolutely worth the effort, though!

Now that you are a fashion icon, it’s time to try out all the entertainments available in the game! You won’t have time to get bored. The road of adventures is calling and you’re the one to choose your thrill for today! See what Blockman Go mobile has in store for you and enjoy every minute of the gameplay!

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