Blockman GO Unblocked

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What is Blockman Go? It’s a whole colorful world that you can reshape according to your own preferences. For that, you need to collect different blocks that will allow you to form terrain, construct obstacles and bridges right on the go and of course build your very own cozy house where you can take a break from all the action and enjoy the products of your creation. Sounds familiar, but there is hardly any other sandbox that packs so much versatility and action as this one!

To find your way into the most distant corners of Blockman Go where you can discover the rarest materials and the most valuable treasures, you need to equip your character properly. Different artifacts can be found during your journeys or bought from local merchants. That will cost you some money, so don’t miss a single chance to earn them in a number of missions and contests running in the game! Each weapon and outfit has its own parameters that increase your hero’s characteristics. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be stronger, more agile or gain unique abilities like fire resistance. There are plenty of exciting stuff with amazing effects for you to try on!

Once you step out of the door, you’ll see a big and dangerous land lying before you. It’s crawling with monsters and is full of traps and hindrances. Don’t get too nervous, though – remember that you’re here to have fun, approach the dangers lightly and cheerfully and you’ll certainly get a lot of pleasure from the process even if things go south! There are many clever ways to deal with hardships that you’ll encounter. Besides, you can always get some help from other players! Join a clan or create one of your own to exchange things, share secrets and get together for multiplayer. Choose one of the numerous quests available and try to accomplish it either solo or as a team to win a precious reward!

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