Blockman GO Update

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Imagine that you are running away from a horde of monsters wishing to chase you down and slice you into pieces. You’ve almost shaken them off your tail, but suddenly the road you were following breaks off and you stop on the edge of a sharp cliff. There is nowhere to go, your feet are about to hit empty air! What are you going to do? Don’t panic, you won’t die – at least, not in Blockman Go! Just open your inventory, tap on the right block and build a bridge over the abyss to cross safely to the other side!

It’s amazing how much you can do with just a few materials at hand. One single tap of your finger – and there is a rock growing in front of you. You can use it to hide from your enemies or as the first brick of your future house. Blockman Go will teach you the basics of fast and effective building with fun and groove! Just like every sandbox, this game packs immense opportunities for using this little trick to your advantage. The main thing is to collect a sufficient amount of the needed resources that can also serve as a local currency and will allow you to equip for exciting journeys and heated combats.

And there are plenty of them waiting for you! The game consists of all kinds of trials and contests you can participate in at will. Nobody will send you on a quest if you aren’t up for it. The whole charm of Blockman Go is total freedom of action. It’s no secret that different people enjoy different things, so why not make a game where all of them would be possible? So whether you’re an adrenaline-seeking zombie hunter or a fashion-loving young lady, there is everything you need for a fascinating and productive pastime here. And please don’t forget to invite your friends! This pixel world support multiplayer and just about every adventure you can think of gets even better in a warm company.

The updated version you are looking at contains some new amazing textures, objects and skins that will add even more diversity to your favorite game. Eager to discover what developers have prepared for you this time? Don’t wait any longer, check out all the new exciting content and features of the latest Blockman Go update right now! You will surely be amazed at all these marvelous additions!

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