Blockman GO Bed Wars

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To understand what Blockman Go: Bed Wars is about, you need to think back to your distant childhood. Remember how you used to pillow-fight with your siblings or friends staying overnight? Your goal was to defend your own bed no matter what and make your enemies flea under the storm of your pillow attacks. Well, that’s much what it’s like, only the beds are very wide apart and instead of pillows the players wield swords, bows and even modern-day firearms. The goal is to locate and destroy the beds of your opponents while protecting your own.

Sounds quite simple, but when you start playing it, you’ll realize this is a rather challenging mission! The match is held between 16 players that are divided into 4 teams. Each team spawns on a different island that features a base with a bed. This is the heart and soul of your territory that you need to guard at any cost. While your bed is still intact, you can be reborn in it after you die. So it’s vital to retain this checkpoint otherwise next time you’ll be killed for good.

To win in this battle, you’ll need to collect resources that are produced on your island. Among them are iron, gold and diamonds that can be used as currency. Iron is the cheapest, so you’ll need much more of it than gold. On the other hand, a few diamonds may suffice to buy the very thing you require. Different stuff is sold by merchants that will help you equip before setting out to crush your enemies. Here you will find all kinds of goods, including weapons of various type and caliber, armor, explosives, potions and other useful trifles that can prove quite handy in a heated combat.

More resources can be discovered on the central island. But getting there will be rather daring because the islands kind of hang in the air with no communication between them. That’s where all those blocks you’ve collected so far will be to the point. With their help, you can build a bridge to cross the abyss and reach any other island, including those where the beds of your enemies are situated. Just make sure you have enough materials before starting the construction otherwise you may be forced to return for more and your opponents can use the fragment of bridge you just created to their own advantage! The game continues until there is only one team to survive. Join the fun, start a thrilling Bed Wars match and do everything in your power to kill your rivals and destroy their bed before they find a way to yours!

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