Bed Wars

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4 stars

What is the most important place in the life of any Blockman? Of course, their bed! You’ll learn just how much it means after playing Blockman Go: Bed Wars. The concept is familiar, but the idea is brand new: you must get your enemies out of beds, literally, by destroying those beds in any possible way. Doing that won’t be easy: your opponents will be protecting their rest spots at all costs because that’s also where they can respawn after death. Kill a bed – and the other team is one man short! Of course, for victory you must get rid of them all and remain the only team on the map who managed to keep their beds safe. Collect resources, exchange them for cool weapons and use various blocks to build bridges between islands that will allow you to cross over to the hostile side. Don’t forget to check out the central island – you can always find something interesting there!

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