Blockman GO 2

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Everyone has a favorite game, but sometimes you just don’t feel like playing it and want to try something new. If only there was a game that suggests a new adventure every time you launch it! This way, you wouldn’t be smothered by genre boundaries and will be able to enjoy a different experience depending on your mood. You’ll be surprised, but there is actually such an option and it’s called Blockman Go 2! This amazing sandbox packs a great number of virtual entertainments offering endless scenarios for you to participate it. Which one will you pick today?

Perhaps you’ll go on a dragon egg hunt? You have to get hold of the egg before your opponents beat you to the punch. They won’t be so easy to find and you’ll need to fight your way through hordes of monsters before you can reach your goal. But that’s the entire thrill of the chase! Your rivals will be trying as hard as they can, so you can’t relax even for a second. Or maybe you prefer to fight for the greater good securing the safety of a virtual land? There is just the right mini game for you where you’ll be catching bad guys playing as a cop that tracks criminals. It contains plenty of exciting missions for you to accomplish and of course each of them will bring you an incredible prize.

Finally, there is everyone’s favorite – royal battle where you need to remain the only man alive on the map and eliminate all of your rivals. You’ll be parachuted to the area with nothing in your hands and will have to find all the weapons and ammo on the spot. It’s your reflexes and tactical skills that will bring you victory. Explore your surroundings and find all the needed equipment to get the upper hand. The safe zone will be shrinking bringing you closer and closer to your enemies. Aim accurately, shoot with pinpoint precision and make sure you outlive everyone else on the battlefield!

This list of options can go on and on. Most importantly, you’ll never run out of new games to try! With time, you’ll manage to unlock plenty of new skins and accessories, build your own house and make some friends in the web. Join Blockman Go 2 and plunge into the thrilling world of virtual fun where every day is different from the previous!

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