Blockman GO 3

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Imagine that you are a cubic-shaped character living in a virtual land. It’s different from the real world, there are things here that you won’t encounter in daily reality and you have some unusual abilities. How are you going to apply them? That’s what you’re about to find out in Blockman Go 3! Here every hero is not just some dude with hands and legs that has to perform certain actions – you are completely free in your choice of activities. The game doesn’t limit you in any way. You can start acquainting yourself with its tremendous options at your own convenience choosing things to do that seem most appealing to you.

Are you eager to set out on a wild adventure or see how skillful you are compared to other players? There is a wide range of mini games to select from. Here you can fight using swords, bows, firearms and magical weapons, race and practice parkour, learn martial arts, run police investigations and simply goof around wrecking havoc on the virtual city. Maybe you’re more interested in crafting? Collect various blocks and see what you can do with them. Different materials can be used to change the landscape around you, build a home and overcome obstacles.

Those thrilled with customization will also have fun picking out clothes and accessories for their character and participating in thrilling events that will allow you to unlock new objects. In other words, there are plenty of amazing things to indulge in playing Blockman Go 3. So why don’t you start this very second?

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