Blockman GO Blocky Mods

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Tired of brutal gameplay and bloody graphics? With all the gloomy shooters and murky action games out there, one can get so full of negative emotions. Luckily, there is a way out – Blockman Go: Blocky Mods! You’ll be amazed by the juicy design and charming characters. Everything here is done on a positive note. The exaggerated pixel graphics leaves simply no place for aggression and cruelty and even the fiercest battles look as so much fun! It’s a vibrant and happy world where you can really relax and enjoy your share of bright colors and sheer pleasure.

But that doesn’t mean there is any lack of action here! The mini-games that are available in abundance are very dynamic and exciting. You can choose any virtual adventure that you feel like setting out on this particular day. It’s so delightful to explore these adorable cubic sceneries, walk into houses and travel to faraway lands filled with unimaginable things and creatures! Even monsters look cute in this game and you’ll never get spooked by a horribly realistic zombie jumping out of nowhere to chase you. When everything and everyone is made of colorful chunky blocks, you just can’t take what’s going on seriously!

And of course, Blocky Mods offer a lot of room for self-expression. You can define your character’s appearance down to the last detail carefully selecting clothes and attributes to send a message to the rest of the virtual world. Do you want to look like a tough guy in a leather jacket and a bandana? Or maybe add a little contrast and debut in royal battles as a fairy tale princess all covered in laces and sequins? You can even go for a futuristic android look, there are no boundaries to your style experiments! Moreover, the game itself will offer you suitable accessories based on what you’re already wearing.

The adventurous and decorative side of Blockman Go are closely connected: the more you play, the more you win the more skins you can gain access to. So if you want to really stand out, it’s in your best interest to try as hard as you can. And don’t forget that it’s a sandbox which means you can also indulge in building! This too is a very creative activity, especially considering that all it takes for you to do it is to install the right block that will appear before you instantly. Comes in quite handy not just in between the battles, but also in the very middle of them! Find out more about Blockman Go: Blocky Mods on our site!

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