Blockman GO

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4 stars

If you are a fan of games like Minecraft, you’ll be thrilled to check out this new sandbox with a huge open world and a great amount of mini adventures to embark on! You’ll find yourself on a large map that is up for you to explore learning about it peculiarities, participating in exciting activities and coping with any challenges the developers have prepared for you. All you need to do is launch Blockman Go and create a character!

When you’re all set and ready, it’s time to set out on your very first adventure! It’s up to you to choose a game you want to play today. Don’t even doubt, there are plenty of them to any taste. Regardless of your genre preferences, you can easily find an entertainment to your liking. Perhaps you’ll decide to test your skills in a royal battle, try to accomplish one of the numerous quests with unexpected plot twists or simply roam the cubic landscapes checking out your surroundings and meeting other players. Yes, there is a multiplayer where you can invite your own friends or make new ones. It will be so amazing to play all these mini games together with other people! You can team up to overcome all the obstacles together or compete against each other and compare your results. Just don’t forget that it’s only a game and there is no need to get frustrated if you weren’t so lucky this time! Besides, you will always have a chance of a rematch.

The controls are easy and unintuitive, it won’t be long until you figure out how to control your character and use the full range of his abilities. Or will it be her? Blockman Go allows you to chose the gender of your hero and completely customize their appearance. Of course, you can simply go with the first choice if you don’t really care how your block-headed avatar looks like, but it’s always more interesting to give it a little time and pick out a peculiar outfit that will be different from any other players you can meet online. The game features a huge wardrobe where you’ll find all possible clothes and styles to make your character unique and recognizable. The system will even offer you options based on their gender and the clothes you’ve already selected!

As you can see, Blockman Go is a fun and colorful game that always has something new to offer. Tons of excitement, new acquaintances and delightful pastime full of bright emotions are waiting for you here! Don’t waste any more time, start discovering the joys of this incredible game right now!

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